St. Urs steps towards Kronegasse

Was this the reason why my back decided to divide into two halves since the week-end. I ascended the steps to our cathedral to get a better photo of the main street on market day. Holding onto the stone railings I managed to descend again.

Part of the St. Urs stairs

Now I have problems. Mr. Swiss said it is lumbago, in german the translation would be the witch’s shot. It’s not the first time I have had it an I know it takes a couple of days, about a week, to go away. I am ok when in action, but sitting down and standing up again is a problem. At the moment I feel like this bloke on the statue in front of the cathedral. And he does not look happy at all.

St. Urs fountain

2 thoughts on “Lumbago???

  1. I have back problems so I couldn’t bring myself to hit the “like” button because no one likes back pain. Ice and Aleve works for me. Hope it goes away quickly.


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